“Hidden Marketing” agency offers effective tools to meet marketing challenges, such as increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty, launching a new product, improving the image, enhancing sales.

Interaction with the Audience

Our agency specializes in integrated advertising projects in social media and use several tools of promotion. List of our services is extensive, below you can see just some of them:

  • Social Networks

    At the moment social networking websites are the main channels of promotion. Facebook, Вконтакте (vkontakre.ru), Одноклассники (odnoklassniki.ru), Мой Круг (moikrug.ru), МойМир@Mail.ru (my.mail.ru) are visited by no less than 40 million people daily. The advantage of social networks is the possibility of targeting by interest, gender, age, and place of residence.

    Our services:

    • development and promotion of applications
    • creating, designing, administering and filling groups / pages / communities with content
    • promotion of groups / pages / communities
    • advertising in popular groups / pages / communities
    • advertising through opinion leaders
    • contextual advertising
    • branding of groups / pages / communities and applications
    • advertising in applications and sociality
    • purchase / sale / rental of groups and applications
  • Blogs and Blogging Communities

    In order to help our clients get the most of promotion in blogs, we have created a special service Blogoda.ru, which bands together over 10,000 bloggers. Major blog hostings  which we use in our work are LiveJournal.com, LiveInternet.ru, Блоги@Mail.ru (blogs.mail.ru), Я.ру (my.ya.ru), Blogger.com.

    Our services:

    • advertising on blogs
    • publications in the communities
    • creation and promotion of community and corporate blogs
    • sampling and promotional events
    • holding contests / special offer campaigns
  • Forums

    Forums still remain the main means of thematic communication. At least 3 million messages are posted on forums daily. We have developed a system of interaction with influence agents hidma.ru. At present it has over 7,000 users who are registered on more than 12,000 communication platforms.

    Our agency offers:

    • placing messages from agents of influence
    • preparing a scenario for posts and comments
    • work with opinion leaders
    • holding contests / special offer campaigns
    • sponsorship of communication platforms
  • Social Media

    A new media format has become popular recently, where content is created by visitors of the site. Examples: Habrahabr, NewsLand, LookAtMe, Dirty, F5, Gidepark, SMI2, Leprosorium, OpenSpace and others.

    Our services in this sphere:

    • publication of news/ reviews
    • holding contests / special offer campaigns
    • administering news account of a company / brand
  • Twitter is an essential platform for instant messaging about events, quick spreading of news and viral ideas, and organizing the brand’s hotline.

    Our services on Twitter:

    • publishing announcements, references, retweets
    • creating and filling microblogs with content
    • promotion of twitter accounts
    • work with opinion leaders
    • organizing the hotline of the brand
    • holding contests
  • Video Hosting

    Video hosting websites are social networks based on video rather than textual content. If you have interesting video material, or if it is better to show your product or service, we suggest using video hosting sites: Youtube, Rutube, Video@Mail.ru video.mail.ru and Smotri.com.

    What we offer on these websites:

    • creation and production of viral videos, promo videos, animations
    • production of interactive video ads, video quest games
    • commenting on video clips
    • voting for videos
    • creation and design of branded channels
    • spreading videos on entertaining websites and social networks
    • putting videos on TOP by the number of comments, views, votes
  • Photo Hosting

    For the same reason as video hosting you can use photo hosting services for promotion. The most popular websites are Яндекс.Фотки (fotki.yandex.ru), Photosight.ru, ФотоСтрана (fotostrana.ru), Фото@Mail.ru (foto.mail.ru).

    Our services on photo hosting sites:

    • special projects, contests
    • commenting, discussing photos
    • putting photos on TOP by the number of comments, views, votes
  • Film, Literature, and Music Resources

    An effective tool for music, movies or books promotion would be the usage of such popular review and recommendation services as Afisha.ru, Kinopoisk, Afisha.Yandex.ru, Film.ru, Imhonet, Last.fm, Zaicev.net, PromoDJ and others.

    We offer:

    • running special projects, contests
    • placing materials on the home page
    • posting reviews, testimonials, comments
    • voting, adding to favorites, etc.
    • commenting
  • Online PR

    Popular online media are perceived as authoritative sources of accurate and objective information by most of the Internet users. These channels of promotion help you get wide coverage of the audience.

    Our services:

    • placing news on popular / theme sites
    • distribution of press releases through the online media database
    • maintaining relations with a pool of journalists
  • Special Projects

    Most of the popular websites allow us to carry out special projects, which include branding all of the pages (or just the home page), conducting a contest, running an interactive promotional campaign, etc.

    Here we implement:

    • creation and production of promotional pages on popular / theme sites
    • promotion of special projects
    • running contests, interactive events
    • ensuring activity, engaging participants
  • In addition ...

    You can always order:

    • promotion in professional social networks such as LinkedIn, Мой Круг (moikrug.ru), E-xecutive, Habrahabr
    • promotion in recommendation services and wish-lists
    • promotion in geographical services such as Foursquare, AlterGeo, МирТесен (mirtesen.ru), Facebook Places, Яндекс.Карты (maps.yandex.ru), Google.Maps.
    • promotion in Q&A services: Ответы@Mail.ru (otvet.mail.ru), Ответы.Google (otvety.google.ru), Formspring
    • editing Wikipedia pages
    • holding photoshop contests
    • filling brand channels, forums, and blogs with content
    • and much more!
With us happy to work: